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PelviCon 2023

We're so grateful to have you joining us for the first-ever conference BY pelvic rehab, FOR pelvic rehab!  Love that you're investing in yourself and being a part of growing our specialty and field.  Be ready to meet new friends, re-connect with colleagues, learn from some of the greats in our field and be inspired.  Get excited - we'll see you in Atlanta! 

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PelviCon 2023: 14.25 Contact Hours

PelviCon 2023 Day 1 CEU Agenda
PelviCon 2023 Day 2
PelviCon 2023 Learning Objectives

Conference Description:  PelviCon is a two-day event showcasing the breadth of the pelvic rehab field with lectures and demonstrations.  Eight world-renowned pelvic health speakers will present on 15 different topics.  The first ever conference BY and FOR pelvic rehab, PelviCon brings together speakers with a wide variety of expertise and backgrounds to deepen our understanding of pelvic health conditions and treatment options.

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