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PelviCon 2023

So grateful you were able to join us for PelviCon 2023! 

Between those who were able to join us in-person and those who got the recording, we were able to impact more than 1,000 of you this year with this incredible content!  We hope it's inspired you and changed the way you practice.  Love that you're investing in yourself and being part of 'us'.

And would love to have you join us next year - Sept 27-28, 2024 - for PelviCon 2024!  Tickets will open on Black Friday.

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Is PelviCon eligible for continuing education credits?
Yes!  All participants, whether in-person or via the recording, are eligible for 14.25 con-ed credits.  You will get a CEU Certificate of Approval with the contact hours.  

How does it work?
Con-ed varies greatly from state to state.  PelviCon has been pre-approved by Georgia, Arkansas, Texas and California. 


Many other states offer reciprocity, where CEUs are automatically approved if they have been approved in another state.  In other states they may request you submit information to them directly.  In most cases CEU credits are self-reported.  If you have questions pertaining to your individual state requirements, please refer to your state licensing board.

If I do decide to submit in my state or would just like the documentation for my records when I self-report PelviCon, where can I find the information I need?

  • CEU Certificate of Completion - All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion with contact hours after they complete the Post-Course Survey.  If you attended in-person this Survey was sent to you following the conference with a due date of 9/22/23.  If you purchased the recording, the link to the Survey was emailed to you and is also found in the course materials.  After you've completed the Survey, please allow 2-3 weeks for our team to email you the Certificate of Completion.

  • Agenda, Topics and Speaker Bios - You can download those here

  • Bibliography - Download the full bibliography from the conference here

  • Any other info - Any other available information from the conference is contained in the Manual (available for download in the recording).  


I’m not a physical therapist. Will you be getting approval from my state’s chapter for my profession?
We are excited to have any and all pelvic rehab providers at PelviCon!  You will receive a certificate of completion that you may submit to your own professional licensing board to obtain approval, but we are unable to apply for all attending professions at this timie.

Do I have to submit for CEUs?
Nope!  If you choose to submit to your state, you have all of the information you will need from the PelviCon manual, the agenda and the certificate of completion you will receive after attending the conference. But applying for CEUs is certainly not mandatory! 

What about PelviCon Pre-Con and Post-Con? 
The approval for CEUs through the state of Georgia is for the main conference of PelviCon on September 8 and 9. Pre- and post- conference PelviCon offerings are not eligible for CEUs at this time.

I'm having trouble with my submission.  Is that something you can help with?

Unfortunately, out of fairness to all our attendees we are unable to help with individual con-ed issues.  We provide all the information you would get from any CEU course, but we can't be responsible for ensuring your state approves your application.  State licensing boards are generally very helpful and should be able to work with you with the information provided!

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