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From renowned teachers and doula trainers (and past PelviCon speakers) Dr. Juan Michelle Martin and Dr. Amber Brown, learn all about preparing patients for labor, delivery and birth.  There's so much we can offer this patient population and we need to be confident in our knowledge and abilities!  


Breakfast is included for all participants.  Course goes from 8am to 12pm.

Post-Con Training- Labor, Delivery and Birth Prep: What You May Be Missing

  • By the end of this session, participants will learn about:  

    • Labor: Optimizing your patient's positioning to help baby into the birth canal

    • Delivery: Prepare your patient for optimal pushing

    • Birth: Understanding the birth process and preparing our patients for the unknowns of birth

    • Counseling: Guiding your patient through medical options treatments and informed consent

  • Due to limited space, tickets are not refundable or transferable

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