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PelviCon 2022 Recording

Practice-changing lectures from the leaders in pelvic rehab! 

  • 17 unique lectures on the most important topics in our field

  • 10 world-renowned speakers

  • 3 clear takeaways from each lecture

  • Full PelviCon manual (PDF)

  • 500+ educational slides

  • Diversity Panel

  • Opening & Closing Remarks

  • Lifetime access

Be a part of the first-ever conference BY and FOR pelvic rehab!  Every lecture has clear takeaways you can implement in your practice tomorrow.

"Amazing lineup of speakers...Inspirational and practical- best money I’ve ever spent on continuing education!" - Brianne R.

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Don't miss out on the incredible speakers, informative topics and inspiration of the first-ever PelviCon!

17 talks, 10 speakers, 12+ hours of content, Diversity in Pelvic Health Panel, full PelviCon Manual, lifetime access and more!

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"Loved Krystyna's and Amber's presentations - just fabulous and lots to think about and apply to our own clinics and interactions" - Beth K.


"Holly Tanner's talk about how to do manual therapy around anal fissures and Michelle Lyons talking about cervical traction and stretching to calm down the vagus nerve" - Maricel N.

"Dr. J [Juan Martin]! Her energy was incredible and I didn't think I cared about peds until she talked about it." - Meghan D.

"When Heather Jeffcoat cried about her patient onstage. We're people not just providers and we've (probably) all cried with our patients." - Kate W.

"I'd have to say a tie between Sarah Duvall, Michelle Lyons, and Sara Reardon's talks! All inspiring and accomplished women who are doing great things and had such knowledge to share!" - Amanda S.

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Speakers and Topics

Michelle Lyons

  • Intersection of Bowel Health and Women's Health

  • Polyvagal Approach to Pelvic Pain

Sarah Duvall

  • The Influence of the Kinetic Chain on Tone, Tension and Strength of the Pelvic Floor

  • Exercise-based Strategies to Improve Posterior Pelvic Floor Tension

Heather Jeffcoat

  • The Female Orgasm: Understanding Function to Better Treat Dysfunction

  • Vulvodynia or Vaginismus: How History Taking and Evaluation Help Your PT Differential Diagnosis

Sara Reardon

  • Early Postpartum Recovery After Vaginal and Caesarean Birth

  • How to Reach More Patients by Intentionally Building Your Brand

Juan Martin

  • Therapeutic Considerations for Labor and Birth

  • Managing Encopresis: Strategies for Working with Children and Their Parents

Krystyna Holland

  • Affirming Language and Communication in Pelvic Health Care

  • Trauma Informed Care: Principles and Best Practices

Amber Brown

  • Diversity and Representation in Pelvic Health Care: A Panel Discussion, Panelists Yeni Abraham, Lance Frank and Michelle Little

Holly Tanner

  • Differential Diagnosis and Treatment for Penile Pain

  • Comprehensive Management of Anal Fissures

Will we get access to all of the different speakers and their topics?

Yes!  You'll get both addresses from each of the world-renowned speakers.  A total of 16 different addresses plus the Diversity Panel and a handout from each talk you can download ("The PelviCon Manual")

How practical are the topics?

One of the best things about a conference BY pelvic rehab, FOR pelvic rehab is that all of the topics can be immediately applicable!  Each talk will have three takeaways you can begin implementing in your clinical practice immediately!

When will the recording be available?

We're anticipating having the recording available about 2 weeks after the conclusion of PelviCon 2022 (approximately Oct 15th).

Will I have lifetime access to the material?

Yes!  You can go through the material at your own pace and re-watch any topics you need in the future.


Will I get access to the full PelviCon 2022 Manual?

Yes!  You'll have more than 500 slides from our speakers, and also 3 practical takeaways from each talk you can immediately implement in your practice.

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