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PelviCon is so grateful to our corporate sponsors who are passionate about pelvic health and creating a space for pelvic rehab practitioners to learn, grow and collaborate!

The in-person event educating and inspiring 625+ leaders in the field of pelvic health. Be a part of the first conference BY pelvic PTs, FOR pelvic PTs

A unique opportunity to support the pelvic health community and raise awareness of your brand among both attendees and online followers. Associate your company with this incredible event in pelvic health!

625 Attendees
Join 625+ pelvic PTs and OTs in the first ever conference BY pelvic rehab, FOR pelvic rehab.  PelviCon brings leaders together from all over the world, from September 27-28, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia. 
Taryn Hallam Pelvic PT Pelvic Health Conference PelviCon Speaker
Leading Speakers
Some of the biggest names in pelvic health - including Jessica Reale, Nicole Cozean, Michelle Lyons, Taryn Hallam, Yeni Abraham, Jo Milios, Alex Hill, Grainne Donnelly, Bill Taylor and Grainne Donnelly
1,000+ Reach
Recordings of the event will be promoted following the in-person conference. Speakers are incentivized to reach out to their audiences and we anticipate nearly doubling the 'attendees' with online sales.
600k+ Followers
The combined social media reach of the hosts and speakers.  Sponsors of the event will be able to reach out to both the pelvic health and patient communities through the social media following.

How do you get your name and brand live in front of nearly 625 leaders in pelvic health?  

Sponsoring the 3rd annual conference BY and FOR pelvic rehab, PelviCon will provide unique opportunities for brand awareness and sales.  Be a part of something special with this conference bringing together leaders in the field!


PelviCon 2024

Main Conference: September 27-28, 2024

Atlanta, GA


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