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Sept 27-28, 2024 :: Atlanta, GA

***Registration opens on Black Friday (11/24)***

"The most magical event of my career." - Joy N.

"I plan on attending every year!" - Emily M.

"Counting down the days until PelviCon 2024!" - Laura H. 


The very first conference

BY pelvic rehab, FOR pelvic rehab!

"This was truly the best conference I have ever been to! From the swag bags to the amazing speakers with a variety of topics to the venue! I loved it all!" - Katherine F.

"Highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend to all pelvic health practitioners. It was not only academically educational but reminded me why I became a pelvic health PT." - Ashley N.

"This conference can and will change your life.  It will inspire, challenge and connect you with
like minded clinicians that love being pelvic therapists!!! " - Sandra S.


"It's pelvic rehab's Super Bowl! Best conference I've ever been to." - Kathryn N. 

"It was a magical experience to be part of Pelvicon 2023. The energy was high & and the knowledge learned was massive. " - Ashley H.

"I didn't think it was possible, but PelviCon 2023 was even better than 2022!" - Autumn S.



"This conference is the best out there on bringing a sense of community -hands down!! " - Kelly M.

"The real life hugs, collaboration, and nerd-outs are way better than likes, comments, and shares online" - Julie G.

"Just getting 600+ pelvic, PTs in a room together was mindblowing. It truly made me proud to be a provider in pelvic health." - Lauren S.

World-Class Speakers

"THE SPEAKERS!! OMG! The selection of speakers was incredible. " - Allison R.

"The speakers energy was infectious. They were pushing you to go outside your comfort zone! " - Meghan S.

"I loved the diversity of the speakers and the quality, ready to use information provided." - Sarah S.



Speakers 2024

Michelle Lyons Pelvic PT PelviCon Speaker
Michelle Lyons
  • Three-time PelviCon speaker
  • Global educator and activist for women's health
  • Founder of Celebrate Muliebrity and the Celebrate Muliebrity Podcast
  • Presented at CSM, ICS, IPPS, the British Pelvic Floor Society, the Pelvic Ob-Gyn Physiotherapists (UK) and the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists
  • Areas of focus are bowel dysfunction, hormones, menopause and pelvic pain
Taryn Hallam Pelvic PT Pelvic Health Conference PelviCon Speaker
Taryn Hallam
  • Return PelviCon speaker by popular demand
  • Passionate about consistently bringing the most recent research to clinicians in a meaningful and understandable way
  • Founder of Women's Health Training Associates (WHTA) in Australia
  • Areas of focus are current research, stress urinary incontinence, prolapse and the medical and surgical management of pelvic floor dysfunction
Yeni Abraham Pelvic PT PelviCon Speaker
Yeni Abraham
  • Return PelviCon speaker by popular demand
  • Expanding our field into helping women through their fertility journey
  • Founder of Triggered Physical Therapy
  • Passionate about growing her practice, mentoring young women and providing expert level care for women
  • Areas of focus are fertility, hormones, and female pelvic pain
Jo Milios Pelvic Health PelviCon Speaker
Jo Milios
  • Practicing clinician, educator and researcher
  • Published multiple peer-reviewed publications including two randomized controlled trials in male pelvic health
  • PhD with thesis of therapeutic interventions for patients with prostate cancer
  • Founder of Complete Physiotherapy & Men's Health
  • Areas of focus include prostate cancer and post-prostatectomy treatment, Peyronie's disease, and male pelvic and sexual health
Alex Hill Pelvic Health PelviCon Speaker
Alex Hill
  • One of the few physios to dual-certified in pelvic health and oncology
  • LANA-certified lymphedema therapist
  • Authored multiple peer-reviewed publications, leader within the APTA and recipient of the Emerging Leader award
  • Founder of OncoPelvic PT
  • Areas of focus are pelvic health, oncology, and lymphedema rehabilitation for all genders.
Grainne Donnelly Pelvic PT PelviCon Speaker
Gráinne Donnelly
  • Advanced Physiotherapist in pelvic health and doctoral researcher at Cardiff Metropolitan University.
  • Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Pelvic Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy
  • Co-creator of the first 'Return to Run' guidelines
  • Areas of focus are postpartum return to sport, diastasis rectus abdominis and the use of ultrasound imaging in pelvic health
Bill Taylor Pelvic PT Pelvic Health Conference PelviCon Speaker
Bill Taylor
  • Taught widely in the UK, Scandanavia, Europe and Israel as one of the leading male pelvic physios
  • Worked with Scottish Ballet and Scottish Dance Theatre for over 20 years as an expert in dance physiotherapy
  • Visiting lecturer or faculty at Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier, Burnell and Keale Universities 
  • Areas of focus are chronic pelvic pain, manual treatment techniques and male pelvic floor dysfunction
Sinead Dufour Pelvic PT Pelvic Conference PelviCon Speaker
Sinéad Dufour
  • Educator, clinician and researcher
  • Author of incredibly important research, including showing 95% of women with lower back pain have associated pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Director of Pelvic Health at the WOMB and academic pursuits in the Faculty of Health Science at McMaster University
  • Areas of focus are pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain, perinatal fitness for elite athletes and collaborative practice models


The Pelvicon Story

We're so excited for the 3rd annual conference BY and FOR pelvic rehab! 

Founded by Jessica Reale & Nicole Cozean, PelviCon 2023 took over a hotel and brought 625 rehab providers together in 2023!

The goal was to create something of our own.  Something inspiring.  Practical.  BY and FOR pelvic rehab.  Because we believe there's something special about 'being in the room' with your colleagues and friends.

IGNITE your drive

IGNITE your learning

IGNITE your connections

IGNITE your career

Join us for PelviCon 2024: Ignite!

Eligible for CEUs!

We're excited to announce participants are eligible for 14.25 contact hours of CEU credit!


All participants will receive a CEU Certificate of Completion they can use to submit for CEU credit in their state!


Nicole Headshot with Pelvis (Square).jpg
Nicole Cozean
  • Pelvic health specialist, author, entrepreneur and clinic owner.  Since it’s founding in 2016, PelvicSanity has grown to one of the largest cash-based practices in the country.
  • Creator of the Pelvic PT Huddle and the Pelvic PT Rising Podcast.  She is also the author of The Interstitial Cystitis Solution and the first pelvic PT to serve on the Board of the ICA.
  • ​Her online clinical courses have helped more than 1,500 pelvic providers become more confident in their practice.  The Pelvic PT Rising business mentorship and courses are assisting 400+ cash-based pelvic PTs as they grow their own practice and help even more patients. 
Jessica Reale
  • Founder of Southern Pelvic Health, a leading mullti-clinician practice in Atlanta, GA.  
  • S​he and her staff at Southern Pelvic Health run a small-group mentoring program for pelvic rehab practitioners, providing mentorship and training in the field.
  • ​Jessica Reale received her Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) at Duke University and is a Board-Certified Specialist (WCS) in pelvic health. Dr. Reale is a faculty member of the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute and has taught continuing education courses to hundreds of physical therapists and other health care professionals nationwide.


PelviCon is so grateful to our corporate sponsors who are passionate about pelvic health and creating a space for pelvic rehab practitioners to learn, grow and collaborate!

PelviCon is proudly supported by our TITLE SPONSOR,
Pelvic Health Solutions


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PelviCon is so grateful to our corporate sponsors who are passionate about pelvic health and creating a space for pelvic rehab practitioners to learn, grow and collaborate!

PelviCon is proudly supported by our TITLE SPONSOR,
Pelvic Health Solutions


Platinum Sponsors

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PelviCon 2024

Main Conference: September 27-28, 2024

Atlanta, GA


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